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Bespoke holidays and authentic rural experiences

Enjoy slow holidays, slow food, slow lifestyle

With a focus on the local gastronomy, sustainable living and the natural world we can make your holiday unforgettable.
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Our services

You can plan a bespoke holiday with us or simply benefit from one of the individual experiences we have to offer. Join one of our workshops, an activity or simply request one of our private services.


Book a cooking vacation in Greece and immerse yourself in the local gastronomy. Visit artisan producers, make wine, join the olive harvest and learn the secrets of the local culture. Take part in cooking workshops then relax in the sun and enjoy a glass of wine with great food and great company. Our Greek cooking vacations promote a sustainable approach to tourism that benefits the local economy.


Add a special element to your own holiday in Crete by joining one of our workshops. Join us for a late afternoon Greek cookery workshop and stay on into the evening to enjoy the results of your hard work. Or come with us on one of our foodie excursions and discover more about the local produce. Explore olive oil soap making, beekeeping, cheesemaking and many more.


Join us to for walking tours in Crete that will take you away from the tourist areas. Admire the beauty of the majestic cliffs of the White Mountains and the breathtaking views of the Libyan Sea. Travel with us to Sfakia for adventures in the remoter south of the island. Along the way experience local gastronomy at its best. All our activities are based on sustainable tourism principles.

Private Services

Book the Hand Picked Greece team to chef at your place and create a very special evening for you and your guests. Or talk to us about our specialist wine tasting seminars, beekeeping and honey making courses, yoga retreats and other special services designed to make your time in Crete extra-memorable.

Be a traveller not a tourist

We want you to travel like a local. We will travel with you, helping you embrace the local culture. You become part of the community and get immersed in everyday life, and some of the unique foodie activities that make this area famous.

On holiday with us you can make the cheese, harvest the olives for olive oil, the grapes for wine or simply sample several traditional products and learn the local culinary habits. All this is wrapped together in our unique cooking vacations in Crete.