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Book a cooking vacation in Greece or plan your own cooking holiday!
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    Select a vacation in Crete that’s perfect for you and your family because you choose all the elements yourself.



    Join us for cooking, winetasting, beekeeping, olive picking, artisan cosmetics and many more.

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    Private Services

    Let us help you create the perfect meal for family and friends at your place, then relax and enjoy the special occasion.

    3 day gastronomy course

    Learn to make a series of signature dishes, pies and other local delicacies. Take part in cooking workshops at The Olive Farm, visit the Central Food Market in Chania and discover top quality local produce from artisan producers.

    Olive oil soap workshops

    Make your own olive oil soap and beeswax balm using only natural ingredients. The workshop takes place at the historical and folklore museum in the village of Exohori.

    Be a traveller not a tourist

    We want you to travel like a local. We will travel with you, helping you embrace the local culture. You become part of the community and get immersed in everyday life, and some of the unique foodie activities that make this area famous.

    On holiday with us you can make the cheese, harvest the olives for olive oil, the grapes for wine or simply sample several traditional products and learn the local culinary habits. All this is wrapped together in our unique cooking vacations in Crete.