Wine Seminars

Learning Greek Wines 

Wine Seminars 

Join our wine seminars at The Olive Farm as Nico Manessis shares his knowledge and years of experience.

Whether an experienced wine specialist or just beginning your journey into the world of wine, you will find these sessions throughly entertaining and educational.

Depending on the theme of the evening you will sample the relevant wines, learn the main characteristics and receive valuable information.

What more to expect?  Platters for your indulgence to partner wine with the right flavours.

Book a highly insightful evening while learning from the best. You may contact us here.

Walk the wine routes

Thematic Evenings

1. Crete: 5 wines showcasing the island’s diversity.

2. Island hopping: 5 specialities from the Ionian & The Aegean Seas.

3. Stars of the Greek vineyard: Enjoy discovering 5 innovative leaders.

4. Fine Greek Wine: 4 Bottles – their stories – what makes them compelling.

About Nico Manessis

Nico is an author and lecturer on the wines of his native Greece. His pioneering publications The Greek Wine Guide & The Illustrated Wine Book first chronicled the renaissance of today’s wine scene. He is a contributor to Decanter magazine and Nico travels through out the greek vineyards posting travel notes published on his blog. Recently, he co-produced Lea Binzer’s, award winning documentary ”Pelicans Watch”. His most recent task: motivational speaker at The College of Crete Wine School.