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The Olive Farm

The Olive Farm is our base on Crete – a small farm that we are developing based on sustainable principles. It is situated at the edge of the village of Litsarda, a tiny beautiful village at the district of Apokoronas in western Crete, only a 30 mimute drive from the city of Chania.

If you come on holiday with us, the farm is our meeting point, where we get together for our activities. All accommodation and guest house are very close by in local villages.

The property includes a traditional cottage with a terrace that looks across the plain to The White Mountains. There’s a kitchen in the cottage, but also an outdoor kitchen in the yard with a wood oven, barbeque, sink and an extremely large wooden table, just right for outdoor eating.

As well as the olive groves, you’ll find an extensive vegetable garden, where you can select ingredients for your cooking workshops. There’s a herb garden packed with local flavours.

Spend time at the Olive Farm cooking, gardening or just relaxing. You’ll find hammocks and garden furniture, so you can sit back, rest and take in the views. If you are coming to stay, find out more about our accommodation.


We have designed everything to accommodate people with disabilities and they can even participate and assist in certain gardening errands, since the vegetable garden beds are raised. There are appropriate facilities ramps and rest rooms.

Activities and workshops

Spend time at the farm and enjoy or wide range of workshops  and our own environmental education program.

What’s happening at the farm?

We have recently moved at the Olive Farm and we have built all external facilities, fences, hen houses, sheds and foot paths with rescued materials, preferably natural.

There are ducks and hens, two goats, a greenhouse with a plant nursery and a seed bank preserving heirloom seeds

The entire estate is set up as a permaculture. We are developing a system that works with, rather than against nature; we are nearly there!

Our vision is to create and a sustainability centre that will educate and assist the local community; a place that will inspire people to live and act more sustainably, making choices that are respectful to the environment, the society and the local economy.

From time to time to time we invite volunteer guests to help us with the maintenance of the farm and assist us in building structures and facilities  using cob, a mixture of clay and straw.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media if you are interested in voluntourism!