The Local Winery

Wine Experiences

Every Saturday

Visits at the winery start at 19:00 in the evening!

This gives us plenty of time to enjoy our wine tasting session and our dinner afterwards.

This activity is offered “on request” so please get in touch to confirm your booking.

For Private Groups you can contact us here 

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Organic wines and local grape varieties

Come along for a visit at the local winery. Meet the winemaker as he shares some of his passion on viticulture, his knowledge and heritage go back many generations. Learn the basics, follow the story of the grape from the vine to the barrel and sample the wines.

You will visit the vineyards, try wine from many local varieties and enjoy dinner prepared right there at the winery! Depending on the season you may even choose to participate on the harvest, stomp some grapes and even experience the distillation of raki, the local spirit and a very effective ice breaker!

Winery Visit and Dinner

Satisfy your curious pallete while visiting the cellar and tasting wines from different varieties and at different stages of maturity. Compare, experience the flavours and get a real feel of the vinification process. It will be easy to understand the differences between the varieties and maturity stages. There will be a selection of local cheese and bread/ local rusks to accompany the tastings.

Finish off a wonerfull and educating evening with a full dinner prepared right there at the courtyard of the winery. You will enjoy a tradittional BBQ with plenty of veggie options, salads and a tradittional dish cooking in the wood fire.

Included: Cheese and wine tastings at the cellar, full meal freshly prepared at the courtyard of the winery

Duration: 2 – 3 hours including dinner time

Season: All year round

Day and Time: to be arranged upon booking. Summertime 7 pm onwards. Winter time: 2pm onwards

Join the harvest and try some grape stomping!

Get the full experience in a day. Spend time at the vinyards and participate in the harvest. Collect the grapes and be part of the local culture. The grapes are all handpicked. The winemaker will talk you through the basics; the particular varieties, the terroir and soil composition, the location and microclimate, the cultivation methods and pruning.

Back at the winery you will get to sort the grapes and experience the famous grape stoping, the way it was done in the past. We have revived the old method to demonstrate how wine was made in the past.

A visit at the cellar to try the wines and the meal prepared right there at the courtyard will be the perfect ending to the day. (As above)

Included: Grape picking at the vineyard, grape stomping at the winery, wine sampling and cheese tastings at the cellar, full meal at the courtyard of the winery

Duration: 4 – 5 hours including the meal

Season: Mid – End of August, September, Early October

Day and Time: to be arranged upon booking. Summertime 4 pm onwards.

Raki distillation

If you visit Crete during autumn and winter why not try some freshly distilled raki, the famous local spirit? This  strong spirit is made of the skins, pips and leftover parts of the grapes. These are left to ferment for a few good months before they are turned into this wonderfull spirit.

The season for raki distillation starts in October and may last throughout the winter. You will start by collecting thyme form the nearby moors. Thyme is essential as it allows for the special aroma of raki. Once the distillation chamber is all set up, the fire is on and the raki slowly begins to form you will get to try it form time to time, nibbling on walnuts, honey and dried fruit.

The process will go on all night …but you will also visit the cellar for some cheese and wine tasting (see above for description). A full dinner is also offered, a much needed ending to the evening (see above for description)

Included: Raki distillation – demonstration and sampling, cheese and wine tastings, dinner

Duration: 3 + hours including the meal

Season: October, November and December

Day and Time: to be arranged upon booking. Winter time: 2pm onwards


Visit the Local Winery 

  • Region: West Crete, Chania, Apokoronas – Meeting point at The Olive Farm or to be arranged upon booking
  • Duration: 3+ hours depending on the experience choosen
  • Season: Winery visit – all year round, Harvest – August, September, Raki distillation – October, November, December
  • Price per person: Contact us and we will give you the exact rates depending on your bookings
  • Transport: If you require transportation to and from the winery  please estimate an additional charge of €15 per person for groups of 10

Included: Depending on your booking the following experiences are all included;

  • Cheese and wine tastings at the cellar, full meal freshly prepared at the courtyard of the winery
  • Grape picking at the vineyard, grape stomping at the winery
  • Raki distillation – demonstration and sampling

Not Included: Transport to and from the winery

  • All fresh produce and  ingredients, wine and grapes
  • Host / Guide
bring your own

Even in mid summer it may get a bit chilly in the evenings so bring a jumper along