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Nature to Nutrition to Gastronomy

Nature to Nutrition to Gastronomy

Our cooking classes will help you understand the relationship between the natural world and the local gastronomy. You will have the chance to collect most of the ingredients yourself either from the garden and sheds at The Olive Farm or straight form the local market, learn about the likely seasonal combinations and enjoy a full meal at the end of each class.

We will gradually introduce you to the raw materials  so you can start developing a real knowledge of the local food culture. This hands-on experience is all about home cooking, local and seasonal products, gastronomic simplicity and the preservation of flavours of the raw materials. So roll your sleeves up, tie your apron and dive right into gastronomy! Look at Holidays in Crete or Holidays at the Mani for some great cookery holiday options.

Cooking workshops take place in the indoor or outdoor kitchen at  The Olive Farm or in selected partner establishments. These are some of our favorite dishes!