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A list of holidays in Mani

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The Mani

The Mani Peninsula is the southernmost corner of the entire European continent and it really does feel like the end of the road. It’s a rural, relatively isolated peninsula with dramatic scenery and a bloody history.

Come on a cooking holiday in Greece and discover a remote and fascinating corner of the country with strong culinary traditions.

Holidays in the Mani Peninsula

Come on holiday to Mani to enjoy a region of rustic villages, untrampled beaches, numerous Byzantine and post Byzantine chapels and Frankish castles. The chapels are full of beautiful carved-marble stonework and frescos.

The architecture of the area consists of tower houses and fortified family dwellings. Until 30 years ago most of these privately owned tower houses were deserted and crumbling. Now many have been turned into holiday homes, while others have become hotels.

Local people, local produce

The area is famous for its honey and its olive oil, both of which feature heavily in the local cuisine.

The leafiest part of the Mani lies in the west side overlooking the Golf of Messinia at the foot hill of a majestic mountain, Mount Taygetos, forming a plain of olive groves and cypress tress.

The village of Kardamyli on the west side of the Mani is the gateway to the peninsula and its best home base. Its is the sort of village that one can still see old widows wearing black, watching the world go by.