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Local Artisan Producers

Local Artisan Producers

Are you ready to taste some amazing honey, wine, olive oil or cheese? And it gets better; you can see how it’s made, follow the process from the field to the bottle or jar and participate in the crafting of handmade food products.

We have joined forces with local farmers and artisan producers who are loyal to  traditional methods of food production and willing to share their craft with us. We visit their production units, join the harvest and get to experience their unique approaches.

Artisan producers have a profound understanding and deep love for their craft, for food and for those that will eat their food. This is evident by the selection of ingredients, the care during the process and the joy in offering it to others. You will get to meet them in person, talk to them and take part in the making of cheese, sundried tomatoes, pickled olives, bread, olive oil, wine and most things that form part of the daily diet in Greece. You will experience food production methods that require time, patience, precision and respect.