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Green Science

Green Science

Saturdays and Sundays

We start at 10:00 in the morning at The Olive Farm. Get in touch or sign up to update you on the week’s activities!

Green Science

Kids of all ages are invited to spend a morning or evening learning, playing, having fun with science and munching on wonderful local snacks. Our expert science educators know how to turn physical sciences into a never-ending game.

Hands-on science

Spend a day outdoors and observe the surroundings of The Olive Farm, the vegetable garden or out and about at the nearest beach, exploring rock pools through the eyes of a scientist. We also organize visits to nature reserves where we can participate in real environmental field research.

  •  investigate the environmental health of nearby habitats
  • learn about the biodiversity of the area
  • play and learn to use simple environmental sensors
  • carry out small scale scientific experiments under the shade of the olive trees based on the educational guidelines of UNESCO.

Difficulty: Adjusted to the age of participants

LEGO Weekends

Lets be creative and learn a bit of physics, chemistry and environmental science while playing with LEGO! Create a simple machine, an ecosystem, a rock pool, a vegetable garden, a building or even a story. All from scratch and using only LEGO bricks. Let your imagination run wild, under the shade of the olive trees, listening to the birds and enjoying healthy traditional snacks. Games for kids of all ages (ie: adults and kids!) ,

Difficulty: These workshops can be simple or more complicated. Keep an eye on our new posts or sign up to receive information from us.

The Garden Project

There is something extremely fulfilling when you observe a plant growing from a seed you sowed. You see it grow, produce flowers and fruit! You experience the magic of life.

Learn to grow your own vegetables. Depending on the weather we will be spending out time in the garden of the olive farm or our nursery. You can take care of your plants weekly or as often as you like and observe how they are developing, if you live abroad or away from us we will take care of them and let you know how they are doing via email and social media. We will work together, learn how to be more self-sufficient and donate part of our harvest to people in need.

Schools and Colleges

If you are representing a school and would like to arrange a private workshop for your students at any day of the week please get in touch with us and we will organize something for you.

Cool Scientists

  • Region: West Crete, Chania
  • Destination: The Olive Farm, Litsarda
  • Duration: 3 – 4 hours
  • Activities: gardening, playing, investigating
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Price per person: Please get in touch and we will give you exact rates for monthly schemes as well as individual workshops, for the various options

This workshops is available to everyone

Keep an eye on our posts for our regular updates and announcements or sign up to receive the information on your email.

Difficulty: easy

Included: all materials needed, healthy snacks and beverages.

Please note that the facilities at The Olive Farm can accommodate people with disabilities.

  • All materials and scientific equipment
  • Healthy snaks and drinks
  • Qualified instructors
bring your own
  • waterproofs and wellies in the winter
  • sunscreen and a hat in the summer