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General FAQ's

1. What financial security do I have when I pay for my holiday?

Handpicked Greece is a member of Protected Travel Services (PTS), which was set up to provide the consumers with the highest level of financial protection in the Travel Industry. PTS provides you with complete protection against the failure of both Handpicked Greece as well as the suppliers we use. This protection lasts from the point that you book your holiday through to the point when you return.

When we receive money from either yourself or from your travel agent, the funds are deposited into a Client Trust Account. The money stays in this account until the day you return from your trip. Why? So that in the unlikely event of Handpicked Greece ever going broke, your money is still safe and you would get it back in full. You can have full peace of mind at all times.

2. What do I do if I am unable to get access to a page on the website?

This should not happen! If it does though, do let us know by writting a message on the contact us page and we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

3. Are the holidays physically demanding?

There is physical activity in all of our holidays but they are not demanding, unless you want them to be and this can surely be arranged! We can provide faciltities for disabled people and we can organize the schedule so that they can participate in some if not all of the activities.

We have made sure that there are always things to do other than sunbathing. You can follow the schedule or skip bits of it. There is also free time where you can do what you want. You can have daily walking or cycling in your schedule or skip it completely if you want to hire a car. We like to keep things fairly flexible.

A significant amount of physical activity is required for some of the hiking holidays we suggest.

Please don’t forget that during the summer months the temperatures in the middle of the day can be high so try to avoid physical exercise then.

4. Who is Handpicked Greece for?

Handpicked Greece is for everyone who loves food and travel! If you love wholesome food and nature you should visit us. Family travel is encouraged. We are here to prove that Greece is more than the sun and the sea.

5. How many people will be on my holiday?

Our suggested holidays are organized in small groups (12 people max). We remain flexible and thread our way through the local community without intimidating anybody. We also offer you the flexibility to design your own holiday (pick your own) for yourself, your family or a group you might be representing. We will tailor it exactly as you wish.

6. How can I get in touch with other people in my group before the holiday?

Due to privacy laws we can’t give out your fellow travellers’ details. But if you join Handpicked Greece’s facebook page and the groups we will create from time to time you will be able to chat with other group members before your trip.

7. Are there age restrictions on your trips?

There are no age restrictions but anyone below 18 should be accompanied by an adult. To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits for most of our holidays. Also, travelers with pre-existing medical conditions should keep us informed.

8. Can I just do part of the holiday?

If you need to arrive late or leave early we will do our best to accommodate your schedule so that you will miss out on as little as possible. We are not in a position to provide a refund on the days that you will be missing out. Please keep in mind that you would also be responsible for all costs associated with joining a holiday late or leaving one early.

9. Can I make any changes to the itinerary of my group holiday, either before or during the holiday?

As a general rule we will do our best to keep you happy at all times. There is some level of flexibility on each intinerary, as long as the rest of the group is not disturbed and the holiday remains economically viable. However, these are pre-scheduled holidays with trips and accommodation booked beforehand, so please make sure you are happy with the holiday itinerary before booking. If you and a group of friends or colleagues would like your own personally designed itinerary get in touch with us to tailor one just for you.

10. Can I add an extra night at the beginning or end of my group trip, either before or during the trip?

Certainly. Just ask us at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you. If we are unable to provide you with the extra nights we will give you the name of a hotel you can contact directly. Please also note that extra accommodations must be booked outside of 30 days of departure.


11. I’m travelling alone – is that OK?

It is ok. With one of our suggested holidays you will have the freedom you want with the added security of travelling in a group plus you will get to experience things that you would not be able to otherwise. You will be travelling with like-minded people so chances are that you will become friends after all.

12. If I am a single traveller will I be charged a single supplement?

As a single traveller you have the choice of either paying a single supplement or sharing with someone of the same gender. Please keep in mind that the accommodation we provide are not the standard hotel rooms but small cottages or villas, with a number of rooms and separate beds each. Some of the facilities in the villas would need to be shared.

13. What are the rooms like? Can we book triple or single rooms?

You will find that most of the cottages or villas have one or two bedrooms with double or twin beds, if needed we can arrange larger villas with three or more separate rooms. The traditional architecture, however, allows for extra beds in converted galleries and sofa beds. Upon booking and depending on whom you are travelling with we will arrange appropriate accommodation and also provide a detailed description to you including photographic material.

14. I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for?

If you have special dietary requirements, let us know at the time of booking. We will try our hardest to accommodate your requirements.

15. What will the food be like during the holidays?

Our holidays are all organized around food. The food will always be excellent; wholesome, organic when possible and produced the old fashioned way. We avoid popular tavernas, busy with tourists and pre-cooked meals. You will find that most of our meals will take place either at the Olive Farm or other nearby establishments, farms, guesthouses and restaurants. All the meals are designed and organized for us, and have the feel of “eating at home with the locals”. Our host will spend the evening with us. We take exceptional care of all our meals and we always include carefully selected award winning PDO (protected designation of origin) food products and wine.

16. What are optional activities? Where can I find details on optional activities?

During each holiday you have the opportunity to attend certain optional activities like yoga and meditation, visits to archaeological sites, diving, LEGO workshops for kids etc.

Get in touch with us and we can inform you on the available choices depending on the area you are visiting and the time of the year.

On some occasions activities need to be booked well in advance (prior to departure), for certain activities you can decide along the way what you do and don’t want to do.

Talk to us and check the holiday information we will provide you with for optional activities.

17. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you arrange your own travel insurance. At a minimum your travel insurance must provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses, emergency repatriation and personal liability with a minimum coverage of £200,000. We would also suggest covering cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

18. Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

Yes. In most situations the itineraries provided are flexible so as to enable you to build your own holiday at some level. The trip leader may be able to help you make any specific alternative arrangements – please notify us at the time of booking. The only exception to this rule is when we are trekking, or travelling from one place to visit another. Please note anything organized outside of the group activity will be at your own cost.

19. Do I get any free time?

Part of the joy of travelling is discovering things on your own. We design our itineraries with plenty of time to explore at your own pace. Many activities are optional so you can join in as much or as little as you like. Check the holiday notes and itinerary for more information on your adventure.

20. Can you provide me a list of hotels we are staying at?

We have established a network of independent guest houses and we use a number of them depending on the season, location, other bookings and availability. Upon arrival on day 1 we will provide you with detailed information on your guest house, cottage or villa and contact numbers etc.

21. Do your tours include international airfare?

Travelers arrive from all over the world to take part in our holidays so it is not possible to include international airfare in our prices. This is something  you can organize yourself or through your travel agent. We can certainly give you advice on your available options.

22. Can you help arrange my travel visas?

Requirements for travel visas vary widely depending on your nationality and your destination. If you do require a visa you can arrange them yourself or use the services of a travel agent or visa processing company.

Booking and Payment FAQ's

1. How do I make a booking?

As soon as you choose your desired holiday, fill and submit the form on the “book now” option; to help you choose you can always email us or schedule a call with us. We will then get in touch with you to confirm that you have your “holiday on hold” and get some details from you. Your holiday will remain on hold for 48 hours, unless you require a bit more time. This gives you time to research flights, gather passport information, confirm arrangements with travel partners, etc. Holding your holiday isn’t necessary if you know you want to book and are ready to make payment.

As soon as you decide that you want to confirm your holiday and have decided if you would like any extras we will email you the deposit invoice (25% of the total holiday price per person) and inform you on the full balance and the time frame that this would need to be paid. Please note that the deposit needs to be paid to confirm your booking and that is non refundable in case of cancelation.  As soon as we receive the deposit payment your booking is confirmed. You can then pay the full balance of your holiday any time up to 6 weeks prior to your holiday.

If your are booking within 60 days of the start of your holiday the full balance should be paid at the time of booking, unless advised otherwise, by us.

2. Can I use a travel agent?

If you have a preferred travel agent, or if you heard about us through an agent, you can to book your holiday through them. Please have your agent give us a call.

3. How can I put my holiday on hold?

You can hold you holiday by submitting a form on the “book now” option of the specific holiday. This will automatically keep your holiday on hold for 48 hours. If you need a bit more time, have questions or need anything clarified, please get in touch with us or schedule a call. Payment is not required when holding an option however we do require some of your personal details to fill the needed forms. After holding an option you will be provided with a Booking Reference Number and instructions on how to confirm your booking. Any “held” holidays that are not confirmed within 48 hours or within the agreed time, will expire and your space will be released.

4. What's the payment process?

We will provide you with all the necessary details to make your payment securely. After we have been in touch with you, you will have two options. You can either use our secure Sage pay system and pay via debit or credit card or make payment directly to the trust account. We will provide you with the account details and your reference number via email. If your tour departs within 60 days full payment is required, otherwise a deposit of 25% will confirm your booking. Initial documents will be emailed to you within 48 hours of confirming your booking.

Please note that there is a 3.5% charge when paying via credit card.

If you would like to get more information on the financial security of your payment please visit the appropriate section on our website .

During your booking and before making payment we will need to get some information from you which we will never share with any third party.

  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Passport number, expiry date and place of issue
  • Nationality
  • Full mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • Details regarding any medical or dietary requirements
5. I do not live in the UK, can I make payment in another currency?

Of course you can. We are a UK company but our holidays refer to everyone. Please note that there will be bank charges which are not under our control. The amount charged for the payment transfer will depend on your bank’s policy.

6. Is availability guaranteed when I book online?

The availability listed on our website is updated every minute. When you fill in the online form you will receive a follow-up email confirming your held holiday and all the dooking details.

7. Are the holidays guaranteed to run?

We would love to provide guaranteed holidays in all cases however in order for a holiday to proceed at the advertised price, we will need a minimum of 6 people confirmed 60 days prior to departure, if this number is not reached then we can either give you a full refund or we can look to change your booking.

Once we have reached this number we would generally guarantee the holiday, so that you can be certain that it will run. We will never usually cancel a holiday due to low numbers within 60 days of the start of the holiday.

As a general rule we will do what we can to negotiate with our suppliers and see every holiday coming to completion. In cases that the bookings do not meet the numbers needed to implement the holiday at the advertised price then we will offer you the option of joining a similar holiday or cancelling altogether and getting your deposit back.

8. Can my documents be mailed out to me?

As a sustainable company we try to limit the amount of paper that we consume, therefore, all documents are electronically sent directly to your email account.  Please get in touch with us if this is not possible.

9. Can I pay in full right away?

You sure can. Please let us know when we get in touch or indicate this when making your request.

10. Can I cancel my booking if I decide I cannot make it?

When your deposit is made, and we confirm your booking, it is non-refundable.

If you cancel your booking within 60 days of departure, the penalty is the retentions of your deposit and if you cancel within 14 days, it is 100%. Please see the following table for the applied fees.

Because of this, we highly recommend taking out an Insurance policy that includes cancellation, so you know your investment is secure!

For further information please visit our terms and conditions page.

Cancellation Fee
60 + days before tour start date Retention of deposit
59 – 42 days before tour start date 30%
41 – 28 days before tour start date 60%
27 – 14 days before tour start date 90%
Less than 14 days before tour start date 100%