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A list of holidays in Crete

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Crete is a culinary haven for anyone looking to discover authentic cooking and eating. It is also a magnificent island with dramatic scenery and thousands of years of history.

Enjoy relaxed cooking holidays in Crete

Come on one of our a cooking holidays in Crete to experience

  • A way of life largely unchanged for centuries
  • A fabulous, healthy and nutritional diet, based only on fresh local produce
  • A relaxed pace, with cookery workshops and plenty of time to enjoy the results
  • Magnificent coastal scenery and a mountainous interior for those who thrive on activity
  • An sustainable approach to tourism that benefits the local economy.

Slow down and take more in

The traditional Cretan diet is very much alive, especially in the villages and rural areas. It includes large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals like wheat and barley, legumes, nuts, olives and olive oil, and numerous endemic wild herbs and aromatic plants. Refusing an offer for a meal is really not an option and visitors share in meals that might last two to three hours.

“I never leave Crete without new friends, great memories and a collection of recipes to last for a good few years.”

A remarkable island

Crete is the fifth biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and lies on the southern frontier of Europe, combining wonderful seaside sceneries alongside a mountainous terrain. With a strategic geographical position Crete has always been a cultural crossroads with many Venetian, Arabic and Turkish influences. The high mountain range of the White Mountains in western Crete reveal their prehistoric scenery as they are scattered with enormous rocks and boulders.