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Cooking Workshops in Greece


Every Monday and Wednesday

Cooking workshops start at 6 pm in the summer and 3 pm in the winter, to give us plenty of time to prepare our meal and stay on into the evening!

You will find us at The Olive Farm, at the village of Litsarda, a 30 minute drive from Chania, Crete.

These workshops are offered “on request” so please contact us to confirm your booking.
  • all ingredients
  • apron
  • recipes
  •  4 course meal
  • wine
bring your own

We are eating “al fresco” and since it can get a bit fresh in the evening you might need to bring a light jumper along

Cooking Workshops in Greece

Can you think of anything more rewarding than enjoying a traditional home cooked meal surrounded by olive trees, in the summer evening breeze? What if that meal was prepared using local ingredients and cooked the traditional way? Slowly in a wood fire. That’s what these cooking workshops in Greece are all about!

What if you had friendly people around you who could give you all the tips about the local gastronomy?

Join us on our Greek cooking workshops at The Olive Farm  in Crete and you will get to experience exactly this, slow meals and a clean and fair authentic food philosophy! Cooking workshops in Greece that will change how you feel about food.

You will enjoy

  • Small groups up to 12 people maximum and full of interaction.
  • Fresh vegetables, picked from the garden with many heirloom varieties
  • Award winning food and  wines. Greece has about 50 different food products with a Protected Designation of Origin and about that many different local wines which are also PDO. Our entertaining and informative cooking workshops will definitely offer you the opportunity to understand the local gastronomy in depth. And enjoy what it tastes like.
  • Find out more about our favourite dishes. Whatever your experience of Greek cookery, our workshops are the place to learn something new.

“Slow” home cooking

  • Region: West Crete, Chania
  • Destination: The Olive Farm in Litsarda
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Individual workshops _Price per person: Please get in touch and we will give you the exact rates, kids below the age of 10 are free, older kids receive a 15% discount
  • Series of Cooking Classes: If you are interested in a monthly scheme, please get in touch and we will provide you with a quote.
  • Transport: If you require transportation to and from Litsarda please estimate an additional charge of €15 per person for groups of 10

Included: Cooking class, tastings, full meal, raki (local spirit) and wine

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1 day / 3 day – Gastronomy Course

Are you looking to receive something more than a cooking workshop? You can now  book a 1 or 3 day gastronomy courses and complete your experience on the local cuisine and food culture.

For information on our 1 day gastronomy course or a cooking holiday please see here.

For information on our  3 day gastronomy course or  a cooking holiday please see here.

Design your own

If you are looking to design a cooking workshop with a specific menu get in touch with us and we can tailor an evening for your group.

Team building events

Get in touch to arrange team building cooking workshops for companies, schools and colleges. Participants will get to set the wood fire, collect and prepare all the ingredients, craft the entire meal and enjoy their efforts. We can make the meal as demanding or as simple as you wish.

Please note that we can accommodate people with disabilities.

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