Cooking Vacations in Greece

Cooking Vacations in Greece – or – design your own Cooking Holiday

Come on one of our cooking vacations in Greece and experience the local gastronomy at its very best. You can mix and match. Read on and discover the different activities we offer, decide on the ones you prefer. Theme your holiday accordingly! Relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday experience, and develop some great take-home cooking skills too.

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Design your own cooking holidays in Greece

Get inspired with our small group cooking holidays in Greece with wonderful local produce, authentic cuisine,  fine Greek wines and a real flavour of local culture.

A feature of our holidays is their flexibility.  There is a general back bone and you can easily include and exclude activities. Choose cooking workshops, api activities to discover the honey world, become a specialist on Greek wines, pick olives and make olive oil, or just enjoy nature! Design your ream holiday. Whatever you choose, cooking and eating wonderful local food will be at the heart of it.

Handpicked Greece

An artisan cooking vacation in Chania, Crete

This holiday vacation is the ideal way to immerse yourself in everything that is good about authentic Greek cooking, from the ancient times to today. Choose from a range of high quality local accommodation, take part in workshops at The Olive Farm and savour a unique holiday experience. Find out about an artisan cooking vacation in Crete.

Interested in a buzzing Api – holiday? Get in touch with us. Follow the beekeeper for a couple of days and get a crash course in beekeeping and honey collection. See here for more information

Handpicked Greece

Artisan Vegetarian and Vegan cooking holiday in Chania, Crete

With such variety of fresh local produce our vegetarian and vegan holidays provide a great way to enjoy a cooking holiday in Greece. Discover new flavours and learn new cooking techniques in a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Find out more about vegetarian and vegan cooking holidays in Chania, Crete.

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The grape escape: Discover Cretan Wines

Join this wine tasting holiday and discover the aromas and flavours that Cretan wines have to offer. Gain insights into the local gastronomy with a strong focus on wine. Join an artisan table full of rustic flavours, wonderful scenery and wines of strong character. A great way to soak up the atmosphere while on holidays in Greece. Find out more about this holiday here.

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Food in the North, hiking in the South

Come to Crete for more than a cooking holiday. Enjoy lazy days and cooking workshops in the North of the island, then head to the renowned region of Sfakia for some hiking amongst dramatic scenery. Find out more about this hiking and cooking holiday in Greece.

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Yoga and Vegetarian Cooking Retreat

Indulge in daily yoga practices and series of cooking classes, both designed to revive your body, mind and soul. Join us for a 6 day break full of yoga and healthy eating on the island of Crete. Find out more.

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Join the olive harvest in Crete

Come on holiday to Greece in the late autumn or early winter and take part in the age-old tradition of olive picking. Enjoy a relaxing holiday, cook and eat wonderful food and spend time picking olives in the local olive groves. Find out more about this olive picking holiday in Greece.

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Join the olive harvest in the Mani Peninsula

Join the olive harvest in the Mani Peninsula for a special holiday in a remote location. Discover this remarkable place as you join local people in picking the important olive harvest. Experience distinctive local food and traditions. A great choice if you are looking for cooking holidays in Greece that are a bit off the beaten track.

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Cooking workshops, activities and gastronomy courses

Already on holiday in Crete? You can now add some interesting activities on your schedule ranging from cooking workshops  and artisan cosmetics workshops to wine seminars and gastronomy courses. If you are looking for a bit of adventure you may take up a guided hiking experience. Alternatively, winery visits and beekeeping experiences are also on offer.