Beekeeping and Honey Making

Bees, Buzzes and Honey

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A completely new look at the world of bees and honey

Are you intrigued by the mystic world of honeybees? You can now discover the “api world” attending a series of beekeeping and honey collection seminars.

No worries if you live abroad …we can also arrange a themed beekeeping holiday and ensure that by the time you return back home you will know how to look after a hive and manage a swarm! Not to mention the honey themed cooking workshops with recipes dating back to ancient Greece.

Either in a seminar series or through a beekeeping holiday you will meet the bees in their natural habitat. You will have the opportunity to watch the bees up close, in a beekeepers suit. You will learn about the incredible life of the bees, the history of beekeeping and sample some of the many honey products!

You will check the hives for disease and look for dead bees, learn when the bees are in need of a new tray to fill with honey. You will also make sure the bees are not too hot,  the summers can be fierce here, and check for any hornets attack!

We will set you off on the right path with a master beekeeper and lots of information!