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Activity holidays in Greece

Come on an activity holiday in Greece and enjoy relaxing or being as active as you want. All our destinations and tours incorporate a mix of activities. Pick your destination to find the tour that suits you or pick your own.

Handpicked Greece

Learn to cook in Greece

A key element in our activity holidays in Greece is to learn Greek cooking skills that you can enjoy at home. We’ll provide techniques, recipes, ideas and advice on ingredients that you might want to take home. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy these sessions – just have an interest in cooking and eating delicious freshly prepared food. You may cook at the Olive Farm in one of our workshops or we can provide a chef at your place. We can arrange a cooking session on the beach or cook on the spot for a party you might be organizing. Get in touch and we will give you all the details.

Handpicked Greece

Fresh local artisan produce

Our excursions and tours will introduce you to the markets, the local food producers and the kafenions, tavernas and private houses where fresh local ingredients are used to create simple, healthy and exceptionally tasty cuisine. You can spend time with a bee keeper and learn how honey is produced, you can join the seasonal harvest pick grapes and have a go at stomping those at the local winery! You can participate in the olive harvest and make olive oil with us. Get in touch with us and we will give you all the options depending on the season.

Handpicked Greece

The Olive Farm

We are developing our farm using only sustainable methods. All our food is organic and provides many of ingredients for our cooking, supplemented by other ingredients from local farms and artisanal producers. If you are staying with with us on Crete, you can enjoy the surrounding of The Olive Farm as a lovely place to relax and pick the fruit and vegetables to incorporate into your cooking. The is a great base of activity holidays in Greece and will give you a whole different perspective, away from Crete’s tourist centres.

Handpicked Greece

Local culture

We can introduce you to local people and help you get involved in what’s happening in the local villages. Of course it depends on the seasons, but when there are festivals and special events, we will join in, giving you a unique experience of Greek rural culture.

Handpicked Greece

Spending time over meals

A feature of Greek cooking and eating is long leisurely meals, with time to relax and enjoy the food, the wine and the conversation. We have incorporated this idea into the holiday, with lunches and evening meals a key part of each day – time to relax with friends, fellow holiday makers and local people.

Handpicked Greece

Walking and cycling

Whether you want a stroll through the olive groves, enjoy a gentle cycle to the local village or something more challenging, our holidays are designed to offer it. While our planned itineraries include short walks and opportunities to explore many interesting places, we’d love to take you trekking in the mountains or arrange longer cycle rides or other outdoor activities if that would suit.

Handpicked Greece

Exploring nature and  wildlife

We will introduce you to the local flora on our doorstep, travel to nature reserves and places where you can enjoy and learn about local wildlife. We have a strong interest in conservation, we will share it with you and get you involved in local nature projects if you like. All our holidays are based around the principles of sustainable tourism and we can help you contribute to, and appreciate this green approach to tourism.

Handpicked Greece

Visiting the coast

Relax on beautiful beaches, swim in clear turquoise water and enjoy the stunning scenery of our wonderful coastline. While our holidays often take you away from the tourist hotspots into rural Greece, we’ll spend time at the beach too – and we know the best places to go! You can swim, canoe to nearby hidden bays, enjoy a cooking workshop on the beach or even spend a few days camping! Get in touch with us to find out all the options available.