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We have carefully selected each of the accommodation options in small local hotels, villas and houses with traditional architecture. All are of exceptional quality as we pay attention to every detail to ensure the highest standards.

  • All accommodation is certified by the local tourist authorities
  • Hosts are  friendly and welcoming
  • Many have wonderful gardens and most have a swimming pool
  • All accomodation is located within a short distance of the holiday base

Small houses will sleep 2 or 4 people. We can also arrange luxury villas for larger groups.

When you get in touch to plan your holiday we will discuss your specific accommodation requirements. We will provide a range of options for your particular tour, with photography, before you book the holiday.


Most of the houses will have breakfast facilities, while lunches and dinners will be arranged elsewhere as part of your tour. In self-catered properties we will provide all the necessary ingredients for a healthy traditional breakfast or we can arrange for you to breakfast at the local café.

Other meals

Lunches and dinners will be arranged as part of your tour. Enjoying a meal at home with the locals is always on the weekly agenda when we visit nearby picturesque villages and farm houses. We will also eat at authentic local tavernas and, of course, at The Olive Farm. For dinner at the farm, wine (a half-bottle per person) and raki are included as part of the meal. See the itineraries of each holiday for more details.

Getting about

We will provide transport to or from all activities but you might choose to stroll through the olive groves to the village or the farm, reducing your carbon footprint.

We love bikes and we hope that you will choose to travel around the region on bike. Bikes are always available at the Olive Farm. Alternatively, if you wish to have a car, we can make arrangements for you.